The application of 3D laser scanning technology in the field of architecture guarantees the high accuracy of the survey, which is the perfect basis for a cost-effective design with the aim of construction and reconstruction.

The 3D laser scan data can be transformed into accurate 3D CAD models, 2D plans, and vertical and horizontal elevations.

The object oriented 3D CAD models, generated on the basis of the 3D laser scan data, are an important requirement for the improvement of all processes during the construction/reconstruction planning and contribute to the cost-effectiveness and to the reduction of planning mistakes.

2D plans are either generated directly from the point cloud or by using 3D CAD models.

3D laser scanning is the most sophisticated tool of architects for construction process documentation and for construction site supervision. As modeling is time-consuming, it is often more effective to make analyses and to do measurements directly in the 3D laser scan. Thus mistakes during the construction can be identified and eliminated in time cost-effectively.

The integration of 3D laser scanning technology and facility management systems is the ideal basis for a successful computer aided management of:

  • Spaces
  • Technical Building Equipment
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Project Development and Implementation
  • Quality Evaluation and Innovation