Automotive Industry/ Robotics

Automotive Industry seems to be one of the highest and best application fields of the 3D laser scanning technology. The ability to accurately document not only mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations and structural components, but also production lines components, incl. robots, allows engineers to avoid collisions that in the past would not have been identified until the construction/reconstruction phase. Using the scan data to position a robot is already a widespread practice. Utilizing 3D laser scanning in industrial plants is a radical advance in surveying compared to the conventional methods. The accuracy, time savings, and most important safety make 3D laser scanning the most complete way to digitally document as-built facilities.

The economic benefits of applying the 3D laser scanning technology to the design, construction operation, and management of industrial plants can be summarised in four main benefits:

  • Risk reduction;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • Schedule optimisation;
  • Improved safety for capital project delivery, maintenance, operation, and management.

These benefits are realised and exploited by asset owner/operators, engineering/construction companies and 3D laser scanning service contractors.