Archаeology and Cultural Heritage Preservation

In the context of the permanent maintenance of cultural monuments, IQvolution Bulgaria EOOD applies a 3D laser scanning method for a quick and precise documentation of cultural heritage. The 3D point clouds can be used with the aim of visualisation, as-built analysis, damage maintenance, facility management, 3D CAD modelling, restoration work planning, etc.

With the 3D laser scanning technology the survey and excavation of relics, artefacts, monuments and buildings can be carried out quickly and exactly. During archaeological excavations every layer is scanned simultaneously with the work and every step of the process is digitally documented.

From the scan data of conservation objects, precise planning documentation and 3D CAD models are generated as basis for reconstruction and restoration works.

Highly precise 3D scans of reality can be used as textures for simulations in the virtual reality, e.g. in the filmmaking and computer games industries.

The applications, for which 3D laser scans of cultural artefacts can be used, are numerous, including: archiving, documentation, monitoring, visualisation, demonstration, education, conservation, restoration, identification, and interpretation.